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15 Original Persuasive Essay Topic Ideas To Trigger Your Imagination

Essays have always been of quite importance to us. It has helped to us develop our writing skills along with the sensibility to be matured person on the basis of writing, The more we are in to writing every now and then the better will be our imagination and the better will our scripts be. Without a proper practice or without choosing an appropriate topic no one would be able to come up with a nice essay.

What is a persuasive essay?

A persuasive essay is the one where a student needs to persuade the reader on a particular topic. The ways of writing should be so deep that one should instil the pieces of thoughts in the mind of the reader deeply. The better will your approach be the more the more persuaded your readers will be. One needs to gather a lot of information so that the quality of the content makes your writing indispensible.

15 most intriguing persuasive essay topics:

  1. 1. Do social networking media create the biggest form of isolation amongst the newest generations?
  2. 2. Should guns be permitted to every commoner- explain with reason?
  3. 3. Giving a price to everyone in a team do benefits a child’s mind. Explain.
  4. 4. What are your thoughts about the society being too dependent on the technology and it uses?
  5. 5. All the students of high school should be given special classes about sex and the ways to have it safely. Explain why?
  6. 6. Should there be an increment in the minimum wage of the poverty level worker?
  7. 7. Should the timings of the school be changed and if yes then explain why so?
  8. 8. Vaccinations should be one of the most mandatory things in childhood and that should be clear to all parents.
  9. 9. Should handwriting be one of the main concerns of the elementary school so that the student develops a good one?
  10. 10. Security cameras in school classroom are an invasion of privacy for the teachers. Explain with reason?
  11. 11. Dress code should not be a mandatory thing in school, college or workplace. Explain why?
  12. 12. Corporate companies should be allowed to advertise in school, it leads to the growth of the school and benefits economically. Explain with reason?
  13. 13. Juveniles should be sometimes treated as adults when found to be guilty of extreme profanity. Explain.
  14. 14. What are the thought about tattoo in the present society? Is it right or wrong?
  15. 15. College education should be free for everyone and it should be government sponsored. What do you think?

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