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Writing A 3-Paragraph Definition Essay: Basic Recommendations

A definition essay is a classic example of stretching a cord till kits breaking point. It offers a classic and compact definition of a term, moral, policy, system; belief or any adjunct precinct. Of course, the more streamlined your work is; the better it will appear to the readers.

Use of innovation

Definition essay takes wings with brilliant uses of fables, parables and allegories. This is especially in the case of defining morals. For instance, take a moral “trust yourself before you trust others”. Now, write a crafty story on it and you will be on the way to creating a beautiful essay.

Cutting it short

Now, a 3-paragraph definition essay may be cutting it too short. The first paragraph will always be the introduction, but you will have to be more methodical with the initial paragraph, clearly defining how you are proceeding with the whole work. This provides you clear tracks for the middle paragraph.

Defining entities

In case you are defining an abstract attribute such as kindness or cunningness, you should offer interesting examples, traits and nuances of the topic. In case you have picked up the topic of defining an animal or a man; choose how you will go through it. For instance, you can define a dog biologically; through his activities, his loyalty; his hunting instincts and his adaptability as a pet.

Making readers aware

The second paragraph should place too many positives in the direction that you are advancing with the essay. Say, you are writing about a wicked attribute, you should provide significant reasons behind how the attribute or habit is bad and where it may lead to. The reader should be placed adjacent to its potencies so that he can tread with caution at the contiguity of the attribute.

The finishing touch

The final paragraph or the conclusion should provide solution and a finishing touch. You should place ways in which one can imbibe or stay away from the habit or attribute; depending on whether it is a virtue or a vice. You should emphasize on significant factors in the definitions of entities or systems. When it comes to morals, you should emboss it in a methodical manner.

Essential tenets

In short; you will require these tenets to write a definition essay –

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