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Unique Persuasive Essay Topics On Julius Caesar: 20 Great Ideas

If you need to write a persuasive essay, you should keep in mind the fact that such essays are different from all others due to the fact that in them, you persuade your readers about a certain point of view. At best, you should choose an essay topic in such a way that the point of view you need to defend matches your own one. However, it can be quite interesting to train your ability to explain and find arguments in case you are supposed to persuade readers about a point of view that is opposite to your one.

Choosing a good topic, many students experience quite hard times. They either have troubles choosing a topic among offered ones, or survive a really tough time being unable to create an interesting topic themselves. There are several possible places where you can find interesting essay topics:

Exploring such resources, you need to remember that a good essay topic is the one that makes you feel excited. Below, you can find several offers.

  1. A murder can never be absolved and no person can be killed.
  2. Julius Caesar just wanted the best for his country.
  3. If a politician, a leader acts wrong, it’s possible to get rid of him by all available means.
  4. Sometimes politicians can break the law for the sake of their land’s benefit.
  5. Julius Caesar was one of the most prominent political leaders of all times and lands.
  6. In the tragedy of Julius Caesar, both he and Brutus can be protagonists.
  7. Cassius’ actions were dictated by envy, not by a desire to serve the country.
  8. The conflict of the Caesar’s tragedy is topical even for today.
  9. Caesar’s position against the death penalty is quite logical and has substantial grounds.
  10. Even being a dictator of the Empire, Caesar was an effective leader.
  11. Caesar’s empire was a great alternative to a republic.
  12. Octavian Augustus as a decent heir of Julius Caesar.
  13. Caesar is the Emperor who is remembered by everybody.
  14. Caesar was an icon of the skill of strategy at his time.
  15. It’s fair that Caesar’s name has become a name of practically any highest political leader (Kaiser, tsar, etc.).
  16. Brutus had personal motivation to kill Caesar.
  17. Without Caesar, the Roman Empire would have gone another way.
  18. Caesar was the one who successfully combined monarchy and democracy.
  19. Caesar was often misinterpreted by modern revolutionists.
  20. Caesar’s participation in discovery of Catilinae’s plot was a significant achievement.

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