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List Of 25 Unique Argumentative Essay Topics For College

An argumentative essay is one of the most interesting and useful kinds of creative assignments. Selection of a socially valuable topic gives you the possibility to discuss the most burning problems that our society is facing nowadays.

Peculiar Features of Argumentative Essays

The aim of such kind of essays is to provoke people`s critical thinking, make them re-evaluate certain ideas, and, maybe, share you points of view if you are convincing enough. To achieve this, give only evidence and proofs and show no emotions.

What You Should Take into Account while Choosing a Topic for Your Paper

Focus on what interests you most. If you don`t have enough knowledge, you have a good chance to learn more during your research. Choose a topic that requires debating, i.e., viewing upon the problem from different angles. Select the issue that is interesting and important for the readers. Here is the list of probable debatable topics:

  1. Pros and cons for college rankings
  2. Will you study better without home assignments?
  3. Practicing sports helps achieve better results in study.
  4. Do you support the moral values of vegetarianism?
  5. Should students be grouped on the basis of their grades at school?
  6. Biofuels: are they really as good as they are being reported?
  7. Is there any connection between eating disorders and advertising?
  8. Should same-sex couples be allowed to adopt children?
  9. Do men and women really have equal rights in developed countries?
  10. The influence of music on people`s identity.
  11. Why are extreme kinds of sports so popular nowadays?
  12. Critical thinking is needed when dealing with social networks.
  13. Is there any connection between violent video games and violence in life?
  14. Volunteers can help solve various problems in your city or town.
  15. Can any war be justified?
  16. Is there any relationship between easy access to guns and the cases of mass shooting?
  17. Will life in the year 2050 be happier, healthier, and safer?
  18. Pros and cons for studying online.
  19. Should military service be compulsory?
  20. Is it necessary to experiment on animals in the age of advanced technologies?
  21. Do cartoonists have any right to insult Muslims by portraying their prophet Muhammad the way they do?
  22. Can the widening precipice between rich and poor nations result in further escalation of terrorism?
  23. Is creativity an inborn quality?
  24. Do we live in the society in which discrimination manifests itself in various forms?
  25. A woman as the President: that`s what our society needs.

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