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Composing A High-Quality Problem Solution Essay About Stress

A problem solution essay is an academic paper where the author should describe a problem and find a solution for this problem. Such topic as stress is very good for this type of paper, because many people suffer from it. If you want to write a high-quality problem solution paper about stress, you should read this article and learn the tips that are given in it.

  1. Do research on stress.
  2. If you want to give really good advice in your paper about dealing with stress, you should research this topic thoroughly. Read some works of famous psychologists and magazine articles about stress. Find people who suffered from stress and conduct interviews with them asking how they dealt with it.

  3. Outline your essay.
  4. When you’ve gathered necessary information and have come up with your solution, it’s time to make an outline for your paper. First, you should give your readers some information about the significance of your topic, than describe your solution, and prove that it’s better than other solutions.

  5. Start with the introduction.
  6. Stress is a common problem, so you don’t have to explain the topic to your readers in details. The main idea is to attract their attention to this topic and make them understand that it’s important to solve this problem. You may write about negative impact of stress from your personal experience to grab your audience. Finally, you should propose your solution in the form of a short and clear thesis statement.

  7. Describe your solution in the body.
  8. In the body of your essay it’s important to give a thorough description of your solution. Explain why you’ve chosen this solution and why it’s better than other ones. Give strong evidence that your solution will really help people get rid of stress. You may support your idea by providing your readers with examples from real life or with opinions of experts on this matter. Think about questions that your readers may ask about your solution and answer them in your work.

  9. Say your final words in the conclusion.
  10. The conclusion is your last chance to persuade readers that your solution is the best option to cope with stress. Sum up your previous statements and describe the real situation when a person who suffers from stress implements your solution. Explain the positive effects in details and show the statistics to prove that your solution works not only in particular cases, but on a large scale too.

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