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Writing A Critical Analysis Essay: Where To Find An Example Paper

A critical analysis essay is the kind of paper where you review and read the work on another author. The subject of such assignment majorly is writing, a book, a novel, or any piece of literature. However, less common subjects of review could be a painting, a movie, drama or any other artwork. The writer is supposed to understand the subject first and develop a good idea of the main theme of the work. It is easier to review academic papers because they mention their central idea or theme in topic sentences or in their thesis statements. However, if you are to review an art piece, you need to first identify the main theme or focus and then read the work with a critical eye keeping the main idea in your mind. If you are reviewing a painting or a movie then it is going to be a little harder for you to find the exact idea that, the original creator had in his mind for the work.

To be able to write a strong critical analysis you should follow a gradual process. The first step is to find the central idea of the work you are going to review. This would involve some research and understanding of the original author and his background. The next step is to read the work or analyze the work keeping the central idea in your mind. Did the author contradict from his main theme? Was the author successful in addressing the focus of his paper? Was the overall work fair and objective rather than being subjective? Were there any potential gaps that the author failed to address about the subject? Did the author define the scope of the work properly? You should make a list of all the possible questions you are looking an answer for and then critically review the paper.

If you are having a hard time in writing such an essay, it is better to look for examples that can help you understand the purpose and structure. Below are some suggestions to find reliable examples for your paper.

  1. Search the library for critical analysis essays and try to find one that matches with your subject. For example if you are to write a review about “The Road not Taken” you will find plenty of samples there
  2. Use the internet
  3. Ask a friend to help you

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