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Academic Writing Tips: Basic Features Of An Explanatory Essay

An exploratory essay generally seeks to convey information gathered on any subject or problem to the reader. Authors are required to completely investigate and present data on the subject without personal speculation, instead they must formulate a conclusion based on evidence discovered as a result of research. Here are the basic features involved in an exploratory essay.

  1. Introduction
  2. This is the first section of your paper and should serve to inform the reader about the intentions by providing a basic outline of the different aspects of the topic under discussion. The methods and experiments used to collect information should also be stated giving a brief descriptions of the difficulties and level of accuracy of the information gathered. Methods and experimental designs that were rejected should also be mentioned, giving the reasons for their rejection as well as reasons for deciding upon the chosen method or experiment.

  3. Main Body
  4. An exploratory essay is intended to objectively present findings about a particular subject or problem and this is done in the main body of the essay. You can choose to either discuss one essay per paragraph, or list the topics and perform the discussion in some other manner. After presentation of information, the writer can also provide readers with possible solutions or interpretations of each point.

  5. Conclusion
  6. A statement of conclusion is customarily included at the end of every essay and it should be a single statement that ties all the information together into one final idea. The conclusion must be based on evidence provided in the previous paragraphs and if done properly, the reader will also agree with your conclusion as a result of undeniable data. The conclusion must also provide closure for the reader after viewing your work since all questions they may have had about the topic were answered.

  7. Reference
  8. When doing any form of research or study, one must usually refer or utilize the previously published works of other researchers. This is often unavoidable since the pursuit of knowledge is based largely on building on past discoveries. When utilizing the work of others there are some steps that must be followed. Make certain that you quote any text accurately when doing so and always identify a quote or citation in your paper. Lastly, a reference section must be included at the end of your paper stating the names of the authors, titles of their papers or journals, and the date of publishing.

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