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How Do I Come Up With A Strong Research Argument Essay Topic?

A research argument essay should present your point of view, based on reliable evidence, and aim to persuade the readers that your stance is valid. The paper should overview a topic, cover its important aspects, and support the writer’s argument. Selecting a strong topic may seem challenging to you. In truth, you have a few options to come up with an idea worth writing your assignment about.

How to Select a Good Topic for Your Research Argument Essay

While you are developing your assignment topic idea, keep in mind that you will need to have something to argue about in your paper. The following guidelines are designed to help you choose wisely:

What Sample Prompts You May Use to Get Started

You can also use one of the following 10 argument essay topics as inspiration to create your own original idea:

  1. Purchasing goods from countries that endorse child labor: how to make a right choice.
  2. Using a hate speech: freedom of speech vs. ethical issues.
  3. Corporate volunteering: making a difference or wasting time.
  4. Looking for a date: can online dating replace meeting in person?
  5. Side effects warnings: making them more clear in the advertisements.
  6. The benefits of getting a higher education: should students get college loans?
  7. Working abroad: gaining valuable experience or running from the problems at home.
  8. Environmental corporate social responsibility practices: greenwashing or reducing the environmental impact.
  9. Using technologies in teaching: is distance learning as effective as face-to-face learning?
  10. Gender equity: do you agree that men and women have the same rights in the U.S.?

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