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Picking Up Informative Essay Topics About Animal Rights

Animals are living beings like humans and they should have the right to live in a shared environment. They have been tortured by human beings for a long time now. Some animal rights have been implemented by the governments in order to make them safe and secure.

To write an essay on animal rights, students must be aware of animal rights. Human beings and animals both are on each other. Our eco system will lose balance in the absence of animals. So it is necessary to protect them by proper implementation of their rights.

Increase of human population

This is a serious threat to the existence of animals and this must be pointed out in the essay. If human population is continue to increase then demand of land will also increase. Consequently they have to reduce the forest cover. As a result animals lose their home and environment. Therefore we need to think about their existence and make laws to preserve them.

Avoid consuming animal

People should avoid consuming animals flesh in their diet. They use milk, leather, meat, silk or wool etc. All these products are sourced from animals. Thus they are exploited by human beings. Farming of such animals is against their right.

Ban on animal Experimentation

Experiments are needed in the field of medical science. Researchers invent or discover new medicines and these medicines are experimented on animal first. If laboratory results are favorable, human beings use them. Animals have to pass through this cruelty. This process is also against their rights.

Hunting should be banned

Hunting of animals shows cruelty against them. Earlier kings used to hunt animals and the tradition has been continuing even today. Animals are hunted for various reasons for example eating, making dress, decorating etc. This must be banned.

Pet animals should not be kept

Some people take animal from market or forest and make them pets against their will. They keep those animals in cage. Though human beings provide food and other necessary things, they do not feel comfortable. So it should be avoided.

Abolition of zoos

All animals that are kept in zoos are encaged. They have right to live in free environment like human beings. We should think that what will happen to us if we are kept in jail or cage. Similarly animals also do not feel comfortable in zoo. They have to entertain the people who visit there, which is against general ethics.

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