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How To Write Essays For College: 10 Good Tips For Students

You can expect to be doing a lot of reading and especially writing in college. Written expression seems to be almost all of the assignments you will get. For some people that’s a problem because they haven’t written much in high school. There are some suggestions you can follow to write an essay that will be a grand slam home run.

  1. Think before You Write It. Take a little while to just think about the subject you will be writing about. Professors ordinarily give a day or two lead notice, so you have a little time to ponder the subject.
  2. Be Willing to Do More Than One Draft. This is not because you’re a bad writer, but often new ideas come to mind once the first draft has been written. The second or third draft of the essay will include the new ideas and there’s a good chance of the final product being even better.
  3. Be Familiar with a Formal Essay. The content will have a beginning, the body, and the closing. Each part requires its own attention, but all three come together to create the finished product. Have an understanding of what’s expected in each section and your paper will really shine.
  4. Never Stray off Topic. It is a temptation for a person to write an essay that wanders around. You do not want to do that because it creates a confusing article. Stick to the topic and build arguments for or against it.
  5. Dare to Be Original. College professors spend hours reading very boring papers. They think is great to have an essay with a bit of style and creativity to it. If you can take a dull subject and spice it up so that it looks interesting, you are halfway to an A+ on your paper.
  6. Don’t Cheat or Plagiarize. It’s a very dangerous temptation to want to copy somebody else’s work or lift paragraphs off some website. If you are caught plagiarizing, you will not just get a failing grade on your assignment; you could end up being expelled.
  7. Ask Somebody to Read Your Completed Work. This is where a little feedback can help produce a great finished copy. Be sure you can trust the reader to be objective and listen to the comments. It allows you to prepare an even better paper.
  8. Double Check Your Sources. Be sure that any source that you quote has been validated. If you credit a quotation to the wrong person it is going to be extremely embarrassing as well as a black mark against your writing.
  9. Write in Your Style. Writing in stuffy and pompous phrases will only make you look arrogant. It is not a way to have your work stand out in the crowd. Develop your own unique style of writing, and stick to it. You are always better off in the end by not imitating somebody else.
  10. Proofread Your Work. If you’ve written this paper at the end of the day it is quite possible. you made some unintentional grammar or spelling mistakes. The text has to be proofread before it is handed in. Seriously, those little mistakes can knock points off of the final grade and you don’t want that to happen. Proofreading is just a part of doing the best conceivable job of writing. Even big-name authors will proofread their content.

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