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13 Most Controversial Essay Topics For College Students Majoring In Law

Are you trying to write an essay for your law course, but have no yet figured out what type of topic to select? There are a bunch of different topics that can be chosen, and ensuring you get the right one will enable you to create the kind of project that you can be happy to work on. You’ll also see that the fun factor will also increase. Some titles are hard and boring while others are fun and interesting. Therefore, it is your job to select the right one and you can do that by reading the remainder of this article:

Selecting a law title

It is a good idea to select the kind of law title that is going to give you an easy time completing the project, but also will allow you show off your expertize. Therefore, you have to strike a balance between selecting a title that is complicated, but at the same time can be completed in a straightforward manner. As you do some research you’ll begin to understand what type of title you are interested in completing.

Example law titles

Here are 13 law titles that you can work on for your next essay:

  1. What changes to the law have be made over the last 10 years related to smoking?
  2. What changes opt the law have been made related to the internet over the last 10 years?
  3. Why has it been so hard for the law to crack down on internet piracy?
  4. What are the biggest challenges in the law today?
  5. Give 3 examples of loopholes in the law that have been exploited by gambling companies?
  6. What type of laws are too old fashioned to be of any use today?
  7. What are the main reasons that you decided to study the law?
  8. What are the advantages of stuffing a law degree?
  9. What are the disadvantages of taking a law degree?
  10. What are the main ways that the law serves the world?
  11. Give 3 very interesting law related stories in the media?
  12. What are the biggest problems with the law today?
  13. What type of law related jobs should most graduates try to go after, ad why?

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