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Selecting Strong Essay Topics: 15 Excellent Ideas

Selecting a topic of your choice is bot a bliss and a thing to worry about. Bliss because you can chose the one, which you find the best. It is something to worry about because you will have to go through a lot while the selection procedure. The following topics can be a good choice to make.

College life

All the experiences that happen in college is important in the making of a person. College life has so much to contribute in what we become eventually.


All the animals, tigers, elephants, deer’s they are the best part of nature. Everyone enjoys nature. Wildlife is one of the most blissful things to come across.

Carefree life

One should not take too much stress while living. This might be harmful to his health and relations with others. One should lead a stress less and care free life.

Love of parents

Love of parents is very important for every child. If a parent is neglectful the child may became cold hearted.

Technology a boon or a ban

Technology is taking over today’s generation. Should it be encouraged more or should it lessened.

Gadgets hovering over outdoor activities

Children in today’s time like playing on their games more than playing outside which affect their health.

Love for animals

Animal lovers are the most softhearted people. Everyone should love animals and take a step against animal cruelty.

What does fashion signify

Is fashion more important or comfort is a question that hovers over todays youths mind. Person should dress comfortably and elegantly.

School life vs. college life

There are some things that people love in school life and some in college. Both of them are equally important.

Level of women

Is level of women still the same as it used to be in old times? The society still treats women as a curse.

Being an atheist

It is not important to worship god to lead a happy life.

Impact of globalization

Is globalization a good thing or bad and does it leave a good impact or not.

Pros and cons of being a vegan

Being vegan is a huge step specially if you are transforming from being a non-vegetarian.

Cigarette smoking

Everyone knows how injurious cigarette smoking is injurious to health. People must be aware of all its cons.

Why should we read newspaper everyday

Newspapers help in increasing our knowledge.

Hence, all these topics will make an interesting essay.

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