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Drafting The Five-Paragraph Essay Outline In A Proper Way

The proper way to draft a five-paragraph essay would be to follow the same set of rules that have been created for this type of article. The rules have been created to teach beginning students how to create flow and to increase your writing skills. I am going to go over the rules related to this type of article. It is important to understand that a writer needs to have ample time to create the essay the correct way. The easiest way to do this is to create an outline using the rules for the project. Once you have created this outline, most of your work will be completed. All that will be left to do is throw in the fill-in words.

  1. Introductory paragraph
  2. This section is designed to provide the reader with the thesis of your paper. You are attempting to set your reader up for a great article. You want to declare your focus of your paper and then say something that will make the reader want to continue to read your writing.

  3. First body paragraph
  4. This section is going to declare your strongest argument for your thesis. This is the highlight of your essay. You want your reader to become engrossed in your article with this passage. Your goal is to also lead your audience into the next section while making him want to continue reading.

  5. Second body paragraph
  6. This is the next best argument or next best interesting thing about your topic. You may get into some specifics here or state something you like or dislike. Make sure this passage mentions the strong argument as well as what is coming next.

  7. Third body paragraph
  8. This is the weakest reason you wanted to write your article. You are still giving your reader valuable information but it is probably the least interesting data you have. Use this subsection to make your reader start thinking about your conclusion.

  9. Conclusion
  10. You need to reiterate your thesis in this section. Also, mention all three of your main topics of your three body paragraphs again to emphasize your strong points. Finally, you may want to entice your reader to learn more about your topic. Another thing you may want to do is challenge your reader to further discuss your theme. Use this conclusion to stimulate your audience and leave them wanting more.

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