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Writing A Compare-And-Contrast Essay: The Basic Structure

Are you having trouble creating an essay that is meant to be compare and contrast? If your answer was yes, then this article is meant for you. The breakdown of writing this type of essay is that whatever the subject that you are going to be documenting you just makes a list of the pros and cons or advantages and disadvantages. So there is a couple of things that you have to know before, during and after you complete your document, and they are:

The beginning

  1. Know the subject that you wish to expose.
  2. Research the topic thoroughly before just jumping into the paper.
  3. Figuring out what you would like to say for you an introduction on this topic to get all of the elements to flow right.

During the paper:

  1. Make sure that you list key factors about the topic before you begin with the advantage and disadvantages. This means creating a good introduction paragraph.
  2. Separate the advantages and disadvantages into two separate sections.

After the paper

  1. Check the paper for quality and consistency.
  2. Make sure that the advantages and the disadvantages are somewhat even like don't have six advantages and only one disadvantage because that is not a real argument.
  3. Make sure that the content of the paper flows when it is being read.

If all of these steps are being followed, there should not be a reason your paper should not be in the correct format. The basic thing that the document requires is to have a topic that can be argued both ways. Normal topics for these types of papers include but are not limited to gun control, abortion, war. The steps to achieve the right format for this document include a great introduction paragraph that leads on both sides of the argument. From there the argument is broken down into two sections and from those two sections come several subsections for the given topic that the article is about. Remember that the pros and cons have to be around the same amount so that it is a fair argument on both sides and it is not just one sided.

In conclusion a contrast and comparing paper lets both sides of the argument be heard and allows the reader to determine what side has the better argument. This is possible by gathering great research material from the topic so that the argument in the paper can take place.

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