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The Best Approach To Writing An Essay About Romeo And Juliet

The love story of Romeo and Juliet is perhaps the most common story of its kind in the English language. It is a story of love and hate, a story of romance and tragedy, but all the same it is a story that many writers love reading and talking about. In the next few minutes, learn the various themes that are evident from this story and perhaps get an idea of what approach to use when writing an essay based on these two characters.


Love is the most popular theme in the romantic story. Love is portrayed by two youngsters in an irrational and passionate manner. Their feelings towards each other are strong and selfless, and to some extent Shakespeare highlights their intimate affairs. The story of Romeo and Juliet is perhaps the most sincere love story written by Shakespeare, especially if you consider that most of his other stories are driven by lust and infatuation rather than real love feelings.


Shakespeare was not apologetic about killing characters in this play. He even at various occasions highlights that death was Juliet’s bridegroom. The love story of Romeo and Juliet does in a way contribute to the deaths of many people in the tory. As a writer, you may consider approaching the love story of Romeo and Juliet based on the theme of death. Explain how death is shown to protect the love affairs of the two, and mention why Romeo contemplated suicide at two times in his life.


From the play, can we say that Romeo and Juliet’s love story was only successful because they were young and in love? How do the older and younger characters relate in the play? Apart from these two approaches, the theme of age does raise a lot of concerns in the play, such as Friar Laurence only viewing the love relationship of the two main characters in a political angle only.


How does identity affect the love story of Romeo and Juliet? Of course the family’s from which either lover comes from are enemies, and this acts as a great obstacle to the love affairs of Romeo and Juliet throughout the play.


Straight from Act III, the play concentrates more on revenge. Most decisions made by the characters are driven by revenge, and this could be another great approach to use when writing a story about the play.

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