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Top 25 Interesting Essay Writing Prompts On Video Games

Most of you have left for your school holidays. Christmas is around the corner. By the time you read about some of the most popular essay writing prompts on video games (we’re listing 25 here), many of you may be preparing yourselves for the new school year.

You still have to turn in your first paper. Some of you might still be deciding what to write. But for most of these holidays, many of you may have been playing video games anyway. Use this experience or talk about a national pastime to write up an assignment with that angle in mind?

Helping you on your way, we’ve listed our essay prompts randomly for you to choose and select. And what could be more exciting than writing about something you love?

  1. Write about your favorite game
  2. Write about the advantages of gaming
  3. Talk about the educational benefits of gaming
  4. Discuss pros and cons of spending too much time playing games
  5. Write a paper on your favorite console
  6. Write reviews on the best (or worst) game consoles out there
  7. Do a paper on the evolution of video games
  8. Write a piece on your first game played at the video arcade
  9. Write about your favorite video game protagonist
  10. Write about your worst video game villain
  11. Discuss pros and cons of playing violent games
  12. Discuss pros and cons of playing games with excessive foul language
  13. Write intimately about why you swear so much when playing games
  14. Write about your highest score ever
  15. Write about your longest game ever
  16. Write a guide on how to achieve new high scores
  17. Talks about trends from epic science-fiction and action/adventure movies
  18. Write about what the future holds for gaming
  19. Discuss a possible career as a professional gamer
  20. Motivate what it takes to become a designer of games
  21. Imagine yourself as one of your game’s characters
  22. Write critically on realism in games
  23. Talk about issues of instant gratification derived from playing games
  24. Talk about the problems associated with gaming addictions
  25. Write an inspirational paper on how you have decided to overcome your quirks associated with your gaming habits

This article has prompted you to write about one of your favorite pastimes. It might be your first paper of the year and ideas and inspiration, still fresh from hours of playing video games, are still with you.

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