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A Collection Of Interesting Compare And Contrast College Essay Topics

What you should do in your compare and contrast essay is to examine the differences or similarities of two subjects. The first thing to start with is obviously coming up with what you are going to compare. There is no lack of subjects with opposite characteristics, but you should be able to make an argument with your topic, so better do a little brainstorming or use this list of suggestions to make your study relevant and exciting.

A List of Attention-Grabbing College Essay Topics

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What to Keep in Mind When Choosing Your Essay Topic

The subjects that you are going to compare should belong to the same group. Comparing the achievements of Albert Einstein and Jack London makes no sense as they worked in completely different fields and you won’t be able to draw parallels between them. It’d be better to do a Einstein vs. Edison comparison in your essay as both were scientists but influenced science in different ways.

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