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18 Intriguing Expository Essay Topics Related To Current Events

Expository essays on current events will seek to explain and inform your reader about an event of your choice. So, you will want to pick a topic that will interest both you and your reader. Picking an exciting topic – something you really care about-- and it will shine through in the writing.

How to Write an Expository Essay About Current Issues/Current Events

In an expository essay, you set forth an idea, explain a current event, or argue that something needs to be done about a current issue in society. For example, in the “going organic” essays below (topics one and two), you could argue that we need to begin going or growing organic as new evidence suggests that we could lead healthier lives and prolong the life of the planet as well. Think of this essay as a speech that you may want to use documented evidence with from respected sources if your teacher wants more of a researched expository essay. Otherwise, you could simply use a very informed opinion.

18 Great Topics for Expository Essays Pertaining to Current Events

  1. Going Organic May Save Our Planet
  2. Going Organic Can Save Our Health
  3. New Evidence on Raw Milk and Autism
  4. New Evidence on the Benefits and Risks of Raw Milk
  5. When Hostages Come Home: Dealing With PTSD After Abduction/Torture
  6. The Big Bang Theory and Its Importance in the Millennials Generation
  7. Is Social Media is a Negative Influence Upon Teens/Millennials
  8. How Social Media Has Affected Christmas Gatherings (or Other Holidays)
  9. The Paleo Diet: Is it Healthy?
  10. Going Vegan/Vegetarian Is it Healthier than Eating Meat?
  11. The Future of the Planet Earth: If We Do Not Change Now
  12. Discuss Your Favorite Work of Fiction/Poetry
  13. What is Your Favorite Movie and Why?
  14. What is Your Favorite Song and Why Does It Mean Something to You?
  15. Gambling: Are Casinos Destroying Lives?
  16. Iceland’s Alcohol Problem: The Depth of the Deep End for Icelanders
  17. Why is Autism Every Increasing in America / Pick a Country of Choice
  18. Save the Polar Bears: Why we Must Act Now!

Final Advice

From the wide array of topics I’ve given you to choose from below, anyone can find something to write about that is important to them. Some are informative—talking about an issue, and some are informative-analytical, where you inform your reader about the importance of a song to you by explaining the lyrics.

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