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How To Handle SAT Essay Topics: Vital Advice

If you are a beginner or you have simply not satisfied with the grade you have scored from your previous SAT essay, you can gain more; that is, through being well versed with the elementary requirements and familiarizing with things that lecturers look at when awarding marks. This allows you present your opinion acquainted in the excerpt and support it accordingly. The rewarding point of your text is the general impression it brings out. The following ways will help you to produce a golden work.

Keep your work neat

Tidiness matters a lot and can determine your score. If you are manually writing your essay, do not rub or cross words. It is advisable to use a pencil instead which can easily allow you to make the necessary corrections.

Explore the topic

In the main body of the text, you will be required to develop the thesis and support your arguments with relevant examples and brilliant experiences. Therefore, assemble all the resources that may help you gather sufficient information about the topic and jot it down on a piece of paper. Presenting wrong facts will lead you into scoring a zero.

Maintain originality

It is advisable for every writer to avoid plagiarism as much as possible. Failure to do so will present your work as unoriginal and therefore attract a low score. Ensure you gather enough facts from reliable sources and citations.


Every writer must develop a central idea captured in the introductory part. This addresses the given title and clearly shows the writer’s stand before presenting the supporting ideas. However, avoid using complex words but maintain brevity and conciseness.

Draw a plan

A plan is essential in maintaining the flow when writing your text. Take a small piece of paper and note down the format in which you will portray your facts. For every part, equip yourself with decent supporting information.


Employ a beguiling tone and enchanting words and phrases. Let it be free from grammar errors, contradicting statements and repetition.

Back up your arguments

For every idea you state, be sure to justify it with relevant information. Use applicable experiences and pertinent examples. If you do not do this, your work will be incomplete. Do not get the whole idea wrong. SAT recommends presentation of specific facts from history, a story and so on.

Revise your work

When everything is ready, do not be quick to submit the work but instead re-read through it one or two times. Note the errors that might present and correct them accordingly.

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