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A List Of Interesting Problem Solution Essay Topics About Unemployment

A problem solution essay is one that defines a problem well and then proposes an answer to that problem. The solution should be one that is possible, effective and useful. It should then be shown why it’s the best choice for any other solution. Further, while unemployment is when someone doesn’t have a job, “unemployment” is actually a term of art used when referring to a societal state in which people who are looking for work can’t find any (and often they need assistance in some way). If you have to write a problem solution essay about unemployment, here are some to choose from. Remember you can always take these topics and tweak them to fit your individual school, hometown or assignment parameters.

  1. How can we reduce long-term unemployment amongst single mothers?
  2. Here you can explore the higher rate of unemployment amongst single mothers, which may include the fact that they have to prioritize their children’s needs over that of their jobs. An answer could perhaps be better day care for working mothers, single ones in particular.

  3. How do we keep joblessness from hitting particular areas particularly hard?
  4. This is a huge issue in certain large areas, and certain socio-economic classes get hit with the problem a lot harder. An answer might be training or more government subsidies to hire from those areas.

  5. What is a good solution to repeated bouts of joblessness, or cyclical unemployment?
  6. Perhaps you can discuss some sort of safety net that occurs when it is seen that a lot of people are losing their positions, or if a pattern begins to emerge from temporary job loss and gain in a particular sector.

  7. How can we improve the lives of the chronically unemployed?
  8. A key here might be food banks or better programs aimed at those who have been out of work for more than six months in the last two years.

  9. How do we create jobs where there traditionally are none?
  10. This is the question on everyone’s mind! You can get creative for this one! Try brainstorming ways that new jobs might be created.

  11. How do we educate people better about the types of positions that are actually available?
  12. The solution for this problem is very clearly some training or school, but try to narrow it down to a more individualized answer like creating community chefs programs starting in high schools or paying people to get degrees in cyber-security. Do some good research.

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