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A Quick Guide To Composing A Definition Essay On Poverty

Poverty has become one of the most serious global problems, emerging in developed, developing as well as underdeveloped nations. The roots of the problem have branched in the most horrible ways in nations across the world, typically the third world countries. It is, no doubt, the responsibility of the upcoming generations to arrive at a proper solution. Hence, poverty has become one of the most widely chosen topics for papers in high schools and even higher education institutions.

Poverty is a serious topic and hence, should be dealt with sensitively. No dramatic frills or over the top metaphorical devices should be used. The reader should be addressed in a formal and professional manner in order to bring out the gravity of the situation, at hand. The dark underbelly of capitalism and other political ideologies should be brought out to highlight the problem. The writer’s perception of the problem, its probable causes and any effective remedies he may have in mind should form the main elements of the essay.

No definition essay is ever complete without certain examples. The topic of poverty will have to have examples to bring out its relevance and extensive magnitude. These examples may be in the form of:

Personal opinions also play a big role in proper definition essays on poverty. The writer’s unique take on the matter should also be weighed into the essay. His personal critical analysis of the topic effectively supports the essay’s impact to a considerable degree. This also includes his feelings regarding the situation, why the problem has been allowed to reach such a severe degree without effectively putting checks on it and exploring various other such angles. This conveys the student’s knowledge about current affairs and the fact that he or she thinks about global trends and problems. Therefore, it creates a lasting impression in the mind of the teacher going through the essay. This is the basic foundation of a quality definition essay.

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