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Creating An Effective Persuasive Essay About Lord Of The Flies

Lord of the Flies is one of the most important books in English literature. It sets a tone to literary, philosophical and allegory movements. The book is an allegorical novel, and has a core theme that elucidated the confliction between human impulses towards civilization and towards the will to gain power. The manner in which the book plays itself out is just marvelous.

In order to write an effective persuasive essay about Lord of the Flies, you may take into consideration some or all of the followings points:

  1. The setting up in the introduction of the horrors to come in reference to issues such as Piggy’s name which would suggest the fate of the character were foreshadowed by macabre and murder.
  2. The development of the island as the story progresses and how it becomes increasingly ominous and hostile. Additionally, the name and connotation od Piggy’s name in regards to his eventual animal like slaughter can be a topic to be addressed.
  3. A critical approach in interpreting the allegorical relations presented in the book to political dynamics and the essential opposition between totalitarianism and democracy.
  4. The presentation of the democratic system as an inferior system by the author as a reference to the totalitarian system focusing on the common good unlike the democratic system which focuses heavily on the good of the individual.
  5. The nomenclature of the book’s characters as foreshadows to their eventual fates and insights into the their significance to the plot.
  6. The significance of the female characters being undervalued and underdeveloped than the male characters being representative of the male dominated political system of the time.
  7. The feminization of certain male characters leading to them being considered not masculine or susceptible to hazards as an illustration of the male archetype of the time.
  8. The exploitation of the mythical beast by Jack as a power move to play on the fears of the other boys and the utilization of a rational approach to the presumed devil by Ralph.
  9. The exhibition of difference between acts of savagery and acts of civilization by the littluns as an example of foreboding of acts of gruesome violence later as the plot develops.
  10. The manifestation of the Cold War in the plot of the book as a representation of struggle between the democratic and communist governmental systems.

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