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A List Of 20 Controversial Essay Topics On Why Health Is Wealth

We happen to have different perspectives on various subjective; but when it comes to health, we cannot but ideate on the importance of its wellness. This creates a stink-cap for those essay topics which run a controversy around the maxim – health is wealth.

Here are 20 such essay topics for your convenience

  1. Why is slow poisoning (read smoking) wrong when we all will die someday – This is an abstract way of looking at the harsh realities of life.
  2. Obesity – The byproduct of wealth – This is another interesting precipice.
  3. Should we prioritize on health or financial stability – Different people will have different views on this.
  4. Does wealth create situations contrary to physical wellness – It is all again a matter of perspective.
  5. The bane of extravagant technology – It is quite easy to create a controversy on these shores.
  6. Why is health such a talking point – The question is – why it shouldn’t be?
  7. Life from the eyes of a terminally ill millionaire – This really puts it into perspective.
  8. The problems that body-builders face in later life – This is like holding the wrong end of the stick.
  9. Is OCD one of the effects of extreme health consciousness – For details, please refer to Howard Hughes.
  10. Is health more to do with mind or body – This question is better left unanswered.
  11. Does not too much care on health make life boring – It certainly cuts the best things from life (read chocolates).
  12. Can health actually be balanced with wealth – There is the case of daily stresses to counter.
  13. Is it healthier to live on the mountains or by the sea – There is less controversy and more research that goes into this.
  14. Are the healthiest looking people actually healthy – You may talk about the filth that these people may carry in their hearts.
  15. Are we the strongest specie because we can look beyond the aspect of health – We are clearly going in the wrong direction.
  16. The problems that cell phone radiation brings to life – We are surely not going to listen to that.
  17. When health counters the matter of convenience – Try talking about rampant use of non-renewable energy sources.
  18. Health of specie is illness of others – This keeps the men and mosquitoes in consideration. Are we not talking ridiculous?
  19. Do health-conscious fellows turn a blind eye against books – Some people tend to believe that.
  20. Case of people contracting illness even while leading health-centric life – It also happens that people who pander to all sorts of vices live and die a healthy man.

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