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Selection Of Persuasive Essay Topic Ideas About Studying In School

This short introduction to essay writing for junior high school students is an inspirational guide towards producing an independent and thought-provoking paper or essay on the given subject of studying in school. Before presenting students with a short list of both inspirational and innovative suggestions or research and reading areas for finding topic ideas, a short explanation of what is meant by persuasive writing is given.

This short explanation is deliberately given in an own, independent voice as a practical demonstration of writing persuasively. This explanation can be used to a first topic idea. The persuasive intention here is to deviate from theoretical explanations and to use layman’s language to allow readers to comprehend this writing concept. To write persuasively is to write forcefully. The writer wants to convince readers of his argument. The opposite of this is to write passively. To help avoid passive writing, present some examples or sub-themes to substantiate or support a point of view being expressed about studying in school. Here are a few inspirational ideas for producing the best possible persuasive essay on study life at high school.

  1. Make an argument – The best way to put across a convincing argument is to write objectively. Relying on too much subjectivity and emotion can be equated to passivity and unconvincing writing.
  2. The campaign against homework – In fact, a country-wide and qualified campaign is already under way to drop homework from the school curriculum. Qualified arguments and extensive case studies have already been carried out stating why both students and teachers should embrace this radical initiative.
  3. Use a fellow-student as a case study – To keep the writing persuasive and objective, elucidate the thoughts of a second or third party and give the prose an omniscient force.
  4. Take time and trouble to do broad research and produce a paper which lists both pros and cons – Depending on whether a persuasive argument is for or against an idea or issue, emphasise one over the other.
  5. Reminder: Take another look at the brief explanation on persuasive writing and use it as a practical example. This short introduction to persuasive writing for students used a topic idea of studying in school and extended it with a short list of suggestions to help spur students into action with their own forceful and opinionated prose which is designed to get their readers to take note and take a further interest in what is being written.

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