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The 20 Best Compare And Contrast Essay Topics About Animals

Compare and contrast essays are really popular for a reason. This is because they can be really informative while also being easy and fun. They give you endless possibilities to make many varying points and arguments. The only thing that is even remotely difficult is finding two things or happenings that are concurrently similar or dissimilar enough to write about. However, if you are tasked with writing an essay about animals, this will really only be hard if you make it hard. Writing a compare and contrast essay of this kind opens you to the entire animal kingdom and all of its wonderful varieties of creatures. It’s a huge world out there, so you just have to narrow down the topics, so they are manageable. So, in the interest of helping you out on that front, here are the 20 best compare and contrast essay topics about animals that we could find:

  1. Birds v. Reptiles: Which group has evolved the most effectively?
  2. Animals in the wild and animals in the zoo: how do their lives compare and contrast?
  3. Dogs v. cats: Who wins this age old battle?
  4. Gorillas and Monkeys: What are the similarities and differences in these two primates?
  5. Two ways you can train a dog: Positive reinforcement v negative reinforcement, which is better?
  6. Killing spiders v. keeping them alive: Benefits and negatives.
  7. What are the differences and similarities between black bears and brown bears?
  8. Omnivores and herbivores: How do their physiologies compare and contrast.
  9. The life of a bird and the life of a mammal: Discuss the similarities and differences.
  10. Robot dogs and real dogs: Is one better than the other?
  11. The Birds and The Bees: Make the age old comparison.
  12. Kittens and puppies: Is one better than the other?
  13. Compare and contrast animals are living on the farm versus those living in the city.
  14. Service animals and companion animals: Discuss the merits and drawbacks of each.
  15. Animals being granted more rights under the law or remaining considered as property: Discuss.
  16. Beavers and Humans: Which one is really more industrious?
  17. Parrots and Cockatiels: What is each like comparatively?
  18. German Shepherds v. Belgian Malinois: Which of these two popular breeds makes the best police dog?
  19. Ferrets or mice: Which makes the best pet?
  20. Snakes and Lizards: Are they very similar or very different?

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