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Helpful Hints On How To Compose A Reflective Essay About Love

The topic of love opens up many opportunities. Like all essay writing it is vital that you get the topic right and, having done that, stick to the subject. Which aspect of love do you wish to write about? Is this love between family or friends? Is this the love a person can have for a pet? By making the subject too general, you will struggle to make your reflective essay relevant. Be as specific as possible.

What do we mean by a reflective essay?

It really is a fairly straightforward piece of writing which involves two aspects. The first is the descriptive part of the essay where you set out the facts of the situation. Who is involved and why are they involved? The second aspect of a reflective essay is the reflective bit and is sometimes called the reflection. In this section you evaluate and comment upon the experience you have already described.

It's important that you get the balance right. There needs to be sufficient information in the descriptive part so that you have something upon which you can reflect. If you have too much information in your description, then you have too much material to reflect upon. Get the balance right.

Points to consider

If you are writing about the subject of love and people are involved, it may be important that you use false names or fictional characters. If you are concocting the description as you would a piece of fiction, then remember that in creating this event you will soon be required to give a reflection or evaluation of that. It's no good writing a piece of fiction which does not lend itself to evaluation or reflection.

Before you start, having a plan makes a lot of sense. By making notes of the description, you are then able to make notes which will form part of your reflection. Having this shorthand version of the plan in front of you makes the actual writing of the essay so much easier.

It might be a reflective essay, but it's basic format remains that of most other essays. You need an introduction, two or three main paragraphs and a conclusion. Most students find it easier to write the description in the first fact paragraph and the reflection in the second fact paragraph. Proper planning of any essay will never go out of style.

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