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How To End An Illustration Essay: Good Recommendations From An Expert

An illustration essay is the type of your paper in which you have to explain the topic or subject with the help of concrete and valid examples. The purpose of the paper is to make the subject relevant and relatable for your readers so that they can understand what you are trying to talk about in your paper. The essay structure for this assignment remains the same as traditional assignments. You will have the first paragraph where you introduce your topic to the readers and give a scope of your overall paper. The next thing would be to divide the thesis statement of your assignment in equal parts to develop the major arguments and body paragraphs depending upon that. The last thing in your paper would be the conclusion paragraph. The conclusion is a place where you summarize your ideas and paper to give a precise explanation and show the larger significance of your assignment.

You will use three basic types of illustrations in your paper, which are as follows

Specific illustrations- This means that the example you use is specific and based on proper facts and numbers. For example, you can write 65% of internet users access the web through mobile devices instead of saying that many internet users are on mobile devices.

Typical illustrations- These are the traditional examples like similes and metaphors.

Hypothetical illustrations- These are the assumed examples that you create a situation for your reader to give the proper sense of the paper to the readers.

How to write the conclusion of your illustration essay

When you have made your major arguments, discussed the body paragraphs, choose the right type of examples to show your readers, then you can go ahead and conclude your paper. The conclusion follows the same style like any other academic assignment. You have to list down the major points in your paper and create synchronization between them. You must have used or heard of the ROCC method for writing the conclusions of your papers.

You should also give the future application of your ideas and the paper in your conclusion. This will show your readers the practical approach you have for the paper and how you will apply to the overall illustrations you have used in your paper.

The major focus of your paper is the illustrations you will use to show your stance and to create an interesting, informative, and well-composed paper for your audience.

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