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The Top 50 Interesting Essay Topics That Can Get You Inspired

Inspiration sometimes doesn’t strike exactly when we need it to. Here, therefore, are the top 50 most interesting essay topics that will get you itching to write!

  1. Write about the best moment of your life.
  2. Discuss your ideal wedding and / or civil ceremony.
  3. Who is your hero / are your heroes and why?
  4. Are you for or against vivisection? Why?
  5. Children should do as they are told all the time and never talk back to their elders or betters. Do you agree?
  6. What is happiness?
  7. What is sadness?
  8. What is bravery?
  9. What are morals?
  10. What is religion?
  11. Is religion a good thing?
  12. What will the world be like in 100 years?
  13. What happens after death?
  14. What is your favourite movie and why?
  15. What was the worst disaster in history?
  16. Is art worthwhile?
  17. Is technology always good?
  18. What is your favourite subject?
  19. Is family important?
  20. Is education important?
  21. What does it mean to be ‘good’?
  22. Who most inspires you?
  23. Talk about a near death experience.
  24. Describe your favourite place.
  25. What is your favourite game / book?
  26. Is the death sentence a good or bad thing?
  27. Should we legalise drugs?
  28. Is prison an effective deterrent? Does it make people stop committing crimes?
  29. Should we be doing more to protect the environment?
  30. Should we be spending money helping people abroad or should we instead spend that money on fixing our own problems (i.e. homelessness)?
  31. How do the oldest stories in the world influence modern literature?
  32. Are films better than books?
  33. Should we teach more practical things in schools?
  34. Should we stop teaching Latin in schools?
  35. Should uniforms be enforced in all schools?
  36. Does America have too much power?
  37. Is education a basic human right?
  38. Is an internet connection a basic human right?
  39. How would you spend a million pounds?
  40. What animal best represents you?
  41. How can we prevent animal poaching?
  42. Is war wrong?
  43. The place you would most like to visit or live.
  44. What is the best advice someone has every given you?
  45. What impact has the media had on society?
  46. Same-sex marriage should be legal: do you agree?
  47. Private schools should be banned: do you agree?
  48. Should we censor the internet?
  49. Why is Greek mythology still relevant today?
  50. Is Catholicism a force for good?

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