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A List Of 22 Up-To-Date Informative Essay Topics

An informative essay is a kind that talks about just one subject and is packed with well-researched information. They usually make for an enjoyable read if written well and logically.

Examples of informative essay topics

Informative papers can be based on almost any subject, it depends entirely on the writer what interests them. They could even write about something interesting that they read recently or some current events and what to learn more about.

Here are some examples of the kind of topics you can write about

  1. 1. WHO’s declaration of processed meat being labeled as carcinogenic
  2. 2. How we ourselves are contributing to Global Warming
  3. 3. How much the film ‘The Martian’ is founded on actual facts
  4. 4. Why dog owners need to be encouraged to pick up their dog’s waste
  5. 5. How the touchscreen technology works on phones
  6. 6. Kate Winslet’s ‘No Photoshop’ clause in her advertisement contract with L’Oreal
  7. 7. The crisis in Syria
  8. 8. European countries vs. North America regarding immigration laws
  9. 9. Is factory-manufactured pet food of desirable quality?
  10. 10. What are Credit Scores?
  11. 11. The human digestive system explained
  12. 12. Laws for and against Gun Control
  13. 13. The workings of a refrigerator
  14. 14. History of the Titanic
  15. 15. Does bullying affect a person for life?
  16. 16. The history of the Salem Witch Trials
  17. 17. The customs of Halloween around the world
  18. 18. What energy drinks actually do to the body
  19. 19. Connection between religion and abortion
  20. 20. History of tattoos from around the world
  21. 21. Why celebrities endorse products and brands
  22. 22. How Weather channels work

As mentioned before, an informative essay can practically be on any subject that interests the writer, as long as they are able to write a substantial amount on information on the subject it will work. The key point to remember here is that these papers are not opinion pieces but are merely a gathering of information.

It is important to ensure that the paper is well researched and every point made and theory explained is based on actual fact and evidence rather than the thoughts of the writer. This is not the kind of paper which discusses an argument or talks about opinions but instead lays out the facts of the matter in logical fashion. Newspaper articles or informative articles that one reads on the internet are a form of informative papers since they are based on facts and current events and are written in a formal and educating style.

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