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Boosting Essay Skills: 5 Effective Methods

You can ask exceptional writers how they became exceptional and they will all say different things to you. Yes, a few pointers will be common; discipline, hard work; awareness. Yet, the entire pictures will be markedly different. Likewise, if you wish to boost your essay writing skills, you can take different paths to the same goal. Here are 5 efficacious ways in achieving the desired excellence

  1. 1. The research way – This path takes you through several samples, journals and online blogs. You may go through the whole lot and check out how the tempo is maintained and interest generated in different genres. You should learn to be a good and fast reader and also a selective one. You should instinctive choose good and discerning samples.
  2. 2. The creative way – Place yourself with creative topics and make an attempt to negotiate them. Try going different routes, playing with the structure, tone, syntax and diction. You may pave some pieces with allegories, some with illustrations and some with plain debates. Indulge in creativity and soon you will find that your absorbing power has improved by leaps and bounds.
  3. 3. The narrative way – Here is where you put yourself in the first person so that when the readers read the piece, they feel it is their life being written on. Of course, such indulgence comes with passion and this requires practice. Do not take a short cut. Try thinking of novel ideas and improve your writing skills on the go.
  4. 4. Differential topics – Test yourself by picking varied topics; some flowing, some convenient and some extremely tough. Do not shy away from doing research. This will not only broaden your horizon, this will also increase your general awareness about a host of subjects and topical themes. Yes, you should keep in mind that opinionated topics are to be tackled differently than exact science topics.
  5. 5. The inverse way – This is a remarkable territory. Here you go from the specific to broad rather than the general tendency of going from the broad to the topical theme. Here, you need to be at yours seasoned best and your vocabulary should be more than decent. In time, you learn to utilize your observance and absorbing skills into your writing.

Love for the language

Of course, there are other ways of boosting your essay writing skills. Most of them, however, may be too difficult for you to follow. In essence, you have to develop a rare love for the English language in order to create magic with words.

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